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Can the silicone baby bowl smell?

    The silicone bowl and daily necessities are made of food-grade silicone. In order to reduce costs, some silicone manufacturers choose to use industrial-grade silicone. For solid silica gel, unless inferior raw materials are used, there is generally no problem. However, silicone products, like other materials, will inevitably have some factors that cause odors in the production process.
    Initial production products will inevitably lead to this kind of taste. The raw materials of silica gel are basically non-toxic and tasteless. In the process of production and development, manufacturers can decide on a product according to the characteristics of the enterprise's product requirements. For the smell of Chinese products, vulcanizing agents are very important. For example, products made with cheap vulcanizing agents that cannot meet the standard will inevitably have odors, and because of the adsorption effect of silica gel products on silica gel and the adsorption capacity of color glue The effect makes the product quality produce a certain smell, coupled with the high temperature vulcanization molding, the silicon molecular structure is completely solid-formed, and the smell of the newly made product is also a normal social phenomenon, and we use different sealed bags to pack The silicon molecules are taken out by way of economical contact with the air circulation. Generally, the smell will start to volatilize slowly after 48 hours.
    In addition, the manufacturers of silicone bowls bake and deodorize the newly produced products, while the deodorizing products on the market are made of unoiled products and cheap raw materials, which makes the product use for a long time and causes the product to occur. Emissions, especially at high temperatures, ozone environment is prone to ozone. If there is an odor, please refer to the following silica gel bowl to remove the odor.
    Put the wine spout in a long airtight bag, or it can be scattered in high-temperature water, repeatedly blow-dry, the diffusion will disappear, so a large number of products can also be baked in a roaster, and baked at a high temperature of about 150 degrees for an hour Around, the loose smell will disappear a lot. Use silica gel deodorant deodorant. The peculiar smell is mainly a cleaning product. Except for the good deodorizing technology of silicone products, non-toxic silicone products are not harmful. When buying products, pay attention to the peculiar smell and qualified performance of silicone rubber.